Baltimore, MD Information




The Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland, and one of the oldest cities in the United States. The beautiful Homewood campus of the University, where the school will take place, is set on the northern side of downtown. In summer months Baltimore can be hot and humid, although in June the summer heat has usually not yet arrived.  Warm summer evenings are a nice time to hang out with friends on campus or in the cafes and bars of the colorful nearby Charles Village or Hampden urban neighborhoods, reachable in 5-15 minutes by foot.

One can get to Baltimore’s attractive historic downtown from Homewood Campus in 15 minutes by a bus or a car. The heart of the Baltimore downtown is its harbor with beautiful urban views, many places to go out, the National Aquarium, and the historic boats it hosts. Baltimore is full of important sites for American history, such as Fort McHenry, the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House and more.  Baltimore boasts world-class art galleries, such as the Walters Art Museum and the Baltimore Art Museum, the latter of which is located on the southern side of the Homewood campus.  It is also close to Washington D.C. for weekend excursions.